Planning to Park?

Please make certain your vehicle is now registered! Annual and semester parking permits have been discounted by 50%. As a reminder, annual permits are valid until September 7, 2021, and semester permits are valid until June 10, 2021. Temporary and 1-2 day per week permits have not increased in price from last year.

Permits are required to park at The Catholic University of America.

Please select your patron type for specific parking permit information.


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Parking Enforcement and Regulations

The University's parking regulations outline parking requirements for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors who park their vehicles on campus.

Our enforcement team monitors campus parking 24/7 to make certain that motorists adhere to our parking regulations.

Enforcement is critical for campus safety and for maintaining an orderly parking experience.

  • It helps ensure that parking is available for permit holders and visitors;
  • It ensures that emergency vehicles have access to campus facilities;
  • It prevents hazards that improperly parked vehicles may cause.
The enforcement team does not handle moving violations on campus.

Citations and Appeals


 For information on parking off-campus, click here.