Catholic University offers the use of reservable vans to authorized University drivers for official University trips and business. To become van certified, please contact Andrew Wolf (

To Request a Vehicle 

To request a vehicle, please visit Vehicles are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If your request is confirmed, you will receive an email from 25live, as well as a confirmation email from the Office of Transportation and Parking Services. Vehicles may not be used at any time without a confirmed reservation.

Cancellations are required to be communicated within 24 hours of the vehicle reservation. Failure to cancel a reservation in a timely manner prohibits another organization from potential usage of a University vehicle. For this reason, invoices will be generated based on the number of vehicles reserved by an organization.  

Confirmed Reservations

Vehicle keys for organizations with confirmed vehicle reservations will be available for pickup from the Information Desk located in the Pryzbyla Center.

It is mandatory to complete a Vehicle Pre-Trip Form before any vehicle departs from campus. Failure to complete this form before each reservation may result in suspension of your organization's vehicle reservation privileges. One form is required to be completed for each vehicle. Please ensure the form is completed by the van certified driver that will be operating the vehicle. If you have issues viewing the form, please make sure you are logged in to a valid CUA email address. If you are trying to view the form on your phone, you may need to log out of any other email addresses.

In the event that any tickets are issued to a vehicle during the time of a reservation, the driver of the vehicle will be responsible for paying the associated fines. University organization funds may not be used to pay for the cost of any ticket fines.


Vehicle reservation invoices are generated at the start of each month, for reservations held in the month prior. Invoices are to be paid through an Interdepartmental Funds Transfer Request that is sent with the invoice.