• Freshman and Sophomore

    Resident freshmen and sophomores are not allowed to purchase parking permits nor bring vehicles to campus. If you are a resident freshman or sophomore and would like to request an exception to this University policy, please complete a Vehicle Exception Request. Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified of the outcome.

    Please note that having a vehicle on-campus prior to submitting a Vehicle Exception Request or receiving the outcome does not guarantee your approval of an exception request. If approved, you are required to submit a new exception request when your parking permit expires.

    If you are a freshman or sophomore commuter student seeking to park on-campus, please email Transportation and Parking Services, or call (202) 552-PARK (7275).

  • Junior and Senior

    Juniors and seniors may register for parking at myparking.catholic.edu.

  • Graduate

    Graduate students may register for parking at myparking.catholic.edu.

  • Pontifical John Paul II Institute Student

    Pontifical John Paul II Institute students interested in parking on-campus should email cua-transportation@cua.edu.

    Complimentary parking permits are available to Pontifical John Paul II Institute students for use at the Saint John Paul II Shrine at 3900 Harewood Road, NE. These parking permits are made available to full-time students first and may be obtained from McGivney Hall, Room 312. Parking is permitted at the Shrine Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and during some evening and weekend events sponsored by the Institute.

  • Visiting Student

    Visiting students with University credentials are to register for parking at myparking.catholic.edu. If you are a visiting student and are experiencing difficulties logging in, email us at cua-transportation@cua.edu.

Map of Student Parking Locations

  • Resident Student
  • Commuter Student

To change the view of the map, grab and move to your desired location. The menu bar on the left can be used to view different parking options. 

Color Key: 
Green - Metered parking
Red - Commuter permit required
Pink - 30-Minute parking 
Purple  - Faculty garage permit required 
Yellow - Resident permit required