Sponsoring An Event On Campus?

By including parking in your event planning process, you can create a seamless experience for your guests.

Services We Offer

Reserved Parking

Reserved parking is based on the number of vehicles your event will bring to campus. Event attendees may purchase parking independently and at the standard rates online at Guest Parking. Your guests' parking location will be at the discretion of the special events schedule and lot availability. To help determine the reservation size, please submit an accurate event parking request. Event sponsors are financially liable for all reserved spaces both occupied and unoccupied as well as for the set-up time prior to your event starting.

2022-23 Group Parking Prices (Per Vehicle)

Vehicles 1-Day 2-Day 3-Day
1 - 49 $10.00 $19.75 $29.25
50 - 99 $9.25 $18.25 $27.00
100 - 149 $8.50 $16.75 $24.75
150 - 199 $7.75 $15.25 $22.50
200 - 249 $7.00 $13.75 $20.25
250 - 299 $6.25 $12.25 $18.00
300+ $5.50 $10.75 $15.75
*After 3 days vehicles will be charged the standard weekly rate per vehicle.


Shuttles assist in transporting event attendees from parking locations and the Brookland-CUA Metro to on campus facilities.


Parking attendants assist and guide your guests to your event parking. In addition to the cost of the spaces themselves, some events may require attendants to properly secure the reserved spaces.

Custom Sign Packages

Custom sign packages include directional signage that helps your guests navigate the University campus.
Standard 24"x36" size.

Barricade Rentals

Barricades are best used for events that require certain areas to be blocked off or for the redirection of traffic.

Reserve Your Event Parking

To fully accommodate the needs for your event, please email cua-transportation@cua.edu a request detailing the services required for your event.